Brokers with Saint-James

1st hour is a selection by residents Oswald Moris and Peje. The 2nd hour is a selection by French monument Saint-James, filled with loads of 80’s boogie. Saint-James is the co-founder and manager of the Discomatin label (created in 2015 together with Mag Spencer, Théo & Jim Irie) and the Chuwanaga label (created in 2017 together with Clémentine). He’s also the co-founder of the Easter Sounds Festival (created in 2017 with DJ Psycut) and released as a producer on the Vilette 45 imprint.

SAINT-JAMES: “With this mix, I’ve wanted to record something special for the upcoming summer. Selection is quite diverse but it brings together mid-tempo boogie tracks with a certain focus on dub versions of UK boogie. I really like this period in the 80s with producers being really creative with samplers and all the gear (just like with Latin freestyle in the US). Still, they managed to mix their innovative ideas of compositions and arrangement with live recordings and therefore still a strong jazz-funk influence (with sax or keys solos). In the end, I’ve wanted to bring more heat but… Expect beautiful synth chords, flamboyant solos, proto-house arrangements and strong basslines.”


  • The TSU Jazz Ensemble - Blues Of The New World
  • Nicoletta & Les Zoo - Visage
  • Billy Parker's Fourth World - Get With It
  • Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski & BRT Jazz Orchestra - Punktowiec
  • Johnny Hammond - The Prophet
  • Shirley Scott - By The Time I Get To Phoenix PEJE:
  • People's Pleasure With Alive And Well - Lonely People
  • Congress Alley – Congress Alley
  • The Harold Wheeler Consort – Black Cream
  • Bobby Lyle – Night Breeze
  • Stratus – Girl
  • Bilal Sabir – Changes
  • Mighty Ryeders - Star Children
  • The Chronicle Church – Mystery

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