Hong Kong Dong

  • The inner throat sound of a claustrophobic piranha

In this show we let father K mess with The Ex, Jules Deelder with a Kut poem and Wendy Carlos with a Spring burn out. Mazzocchetti informed us he Would Prefer Not To Dance with Andrew Hill’s Death unless Los Pirañas can jump through the whole of Yapoos’ Dadada Ism. Well, we guess Everybody is A Star, Syunsuke! So, shut up and just sing this Dorje Jigled Song in English!

  • Maoupa Mazzocchetti - I would prefer not to
  • Vanity 6 - Make-Up
  • Yapoos - Dadada Ism
  • Pete Brandt - What you are
  • The Garden - Good news
  • Los Pirañas - Del Sol, A 18 Minutos
  • Kasai All Stars - Bilonda
  • Charles Mingus - Passions of a Man
  • The Ex with Kamagurka - This song is in English
  • Jules Deelder - het Kutgedicht
  • Tibetan Tantric Choir - Dorje Jigled
  • Andrew Hill - Dance with Death
  • Syunsuke Ono - Everybody is a Star
  • Wendy Carlos - Spring
  • Susume Yokota - Red Swan
  • Stewart Copeland, Taj Mahal, Derek Holt, Inshirah Mahal, Emilio Aragon Alvarez - Cancion Romantica