Tanuki Records presents Coda Generates with Senz

A 2-hour journey delving into the music of Montreal's burgeoning beatmaking community, through mostly exclusive never before heard beats, curated and mixed by Senz, presented by ldbk.eu.


About the project:

This project was initiated in June 2019, when Julien Mourlon, manager of ldbk.eu, contacted Senz saying he would be interested in featuring a focus on the Montreal beat scene on the ldbk Mixcloud platform. A year and change and a plethora of WeTransfer links later, the idea became a reality. The mix of anglophone & francophone creators presented here, in itself somewhat of a rarity in the Quebec cultural diaspora, are united by a common love for hip hop music. The styles vary from trap to boombap and everything in between, with a genuine passion for the craft providing an overarching link between all participants, making this a thoroughly enjoyable and impressive listen. Senz, no stranger to making mixtapes in cassette format, decided to split this gargantuan 60-beat project into an A side & a B side comprising of 30 tracks each. Senz met most of the artists featured here via the monthly Loop Sessions beatmaking workshops, (aka Montreal's 'church' for beatmakers). Hosting duties on the mix are performed by local legend and Alaiz member, Musoni. Cover art by the amazing Chris B. De Muri. We hope you enjoy discovering what Montreal has to offer!

Read the ldbk.eu write up about the project here, including a video interview with Senz who speaks on the process of assembling the mix and his experiences the Montreal beat scene in general:


About Senz:

Over the past 10 years, Senz Beats has been building an impressive body of work with underground veterans from the US (Dave Dub, Giovanni Marks, Lex Boogie From the Bronx, Karniege) and the UK (Cappo, Jazz-T, Juga-Naut). Originally from Brussels, now based in Montreal, Senz' first approach to cutting records up was on a pair of Technics 1200s, which he and his best friend claimed mutual custody over (1 month each) in 1998. After over 15 years spent producing on a variety of MPC models, 2020 has seen Senz garner attention from the likes of legends such as Dibiase & Grap Luva thanks to his creative use of the iOS Koala Sampler app, by Elf Audio. Most of his beats are currently produced on either his iPhone or iPad.