Accent Tonique with LASTU

Repping Limoges' AASC and Lyon's Groovedge Records, new resident S36 invites LASTU with an hour of experimental and progressive breakbeat.

  • Lorenzo Senni - Digital Tzunami [Editions Mego]
  • Drexciya - Digital Tsunami [Tresor]
  • Voronoi - T-1000 [OOH-sounds]
  • Ana Caprix - Strawberry Moon [Self-Released]
  • Burning Pyre - The Cruelness Of May [Perfect Aesthetics]
  • Stanley Schmidt - Infinite Zoom [PH17]
  • AYYA - Behind The Wall I See New Life And Tears (ripped from Dedekind Cut + Yves Tumor - Trump$america) [Unreleased]
  • Why Be - Credits [NON Worldwide]
  • John Object - Kiss (in reverse) [Bio Future Laboratory]
  • Minais B ñ As The River At Its Source [Petrola 80]
  • Burning Pyre ñ The Look Of Love [Perfect Aesthetics]
  • Sophia Loizou - Shadow Box [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
  • CVN - Another Paradise Lost [Angoisse]
  • Sam Kidel ñ Disruptive Muzak [The Death Of Rave]
  • Hegira Moya - Cocoon Village [Moloton]
  • Oneohtrix Point Never - Last Known Image Of A Song (Ryuchi Sakamoto Rework) [Warp]
  • Ausschuss - Drown Later [Haunter Records]
  • Akkord - RCVR [Houndstooth]
  • Hazcauch - 3_20_3 [Entity Records]