Hong Kong Dong

A glimpse of the belly ear a day will make the doctor say: woop woop di poopoop

Peacock wants to be heard by the Thoughtless Kind, hoping for the Bush to Sit On Your Lap while the Demon inside the Monk asks himself: “Is this the End?” “No” said Amanda, “Varèse can make you Lift Yourself a Funkadelic War of Armageddon.”

  • Anthony Davis - Behind the rock
  • Roland Topor - Panic
  • Kate Bush - Sat in your lap
  • Dean Blunt - Demon
  • John Cale - Thoughtless kind
  • Annette Peacock - Did you hear me mommy ?
  • Rufus Wainwright - Going to a town
  • Amanda Lear - Comics
  • Meredith Monk - Porch
  • Umeko Ando - Futare chui
  • Xylouris White - Motorcycle kondilies
  • Edgar Varèse - Poème électronique
  • Michel Waisvisz en Moniek Toebosch - Is this the end ?
  • Kanye West - Lift yourself
  • Funkadelic - Wars of Armageddon