Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Scott Gilmore

To celebrate the release of his new album “Two Roomed Motel” (out on Crammed on March 1), Californian artist Scott Gilmore has done a special mix for us, which he describes as follows:

“The songs on this mix are a wide range of influences that have shaped the music I make. I was introduced to some of them years ago and others are new discoveries. I still find a lot of inspiration in all of them.” 

He’s been described as a “bedroom pop experimentalist” (Stereogum), his music drew comparisons to Stereolab, Air and R.Stevie Moore… and early reviews of the new album mention that it “sounds like some parallel-universe collaboration between Brian Eno and electro-jazz innovator Raymond Scott… with wistful Arthur Russell-like sighs… and a Satiesque chamber-glitch piano piece” (Uncut).

  • Blackly - Follow Me
  • Earth & Fire - The Two Of Us
  • Thomas Leer - All About You
  • Sensations Fix - Project Wishing Well
  • Pleasure Zone - All The Kings Horses
  • Nat King Cole - I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
  • Saal 2 - Strandgefuhle
  • Cate Kennan - Maze
  • Sensations Fix - Music Is Painting In The Air
  • Alex Kashay - Abidisay
  • Kenny Gilmore - Sterile Bath
  • Codek - Demo
  • Baffo Banfi - The Indredible Doggy
  • Box Of Toys - When Daylight Is Over
  • Ingrid Mansfield Allman - Stop Wasting Your Time
  • Confusional Quartet - Senza Titolo
  • Sun Ra - Somebody Love Me
  • Peter Paul and Mary - Hangman
  • Arthur Russell - I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face
  • Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - The People I’m Not
  • Muluquen Mellesse - Embwa Belew
  • The Chirping Crickets - Maybe Baby
  • Light Brigade - Wont You Tell Me
  • Lee Hazlewood - My Autumn’s Done Come
  • Vincent Gallo - I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton
  • Blackway - New Life
  • Thomas Leer - Letter To America  
  • Tony Banks - By You
  • Jerry Jeff Walker - A Letter Sung to Friends