Mixtape by Bolis Popul to listen at home in times of corona - DIAH

Where/When to listen

I made this mixtape with the nocturnal human and his creative exploits in the back of my mind, an accompanying soundtrack for the lonely working night owls to help them through the night.


Thirtysomething, half Chinese half Belgian producer and songwriter, best known for his solo work (as Bolis Pupul, signed to Soulwax’ label DEEWEE) and his production work for Charlotte Adigéry (also signed to DEEWEE). Also founding member of Hong Kong Dong and part of experimental noise rock band The Germans.

Bolis Pupul (born Boris Zeebroek) found his name by combining the way his Chinese grandmother used to call him with his first pseudonym given by his father when he started drawing as a kid. He was also a young Judo champion in his teenager years until he discovered creating music and visuals arts.

  • John Carpenter - Night
  • Joey Anderson - 1974
  • Albinos - Black Orchid
  • Jan Hammer - Crocketts Theme (Extended instrumental Mix)
  • Kris Baha - Fuels a Liar
  • NHK - Dignity
  • The Art Of Noise - Eye Of A Needle
  • Octavius - Of Mask And Money
  • Transilvanian Galaxi - Rock On
  • Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Troostprijs
  • Mary Ocher - Arms
  • Cornelius - デザインがそえうた
  • Tolouse Low Trax - Raut
  • Steve Moore - Pangaea Ultima
  • Tzusing - Nature Is Not Created In The Image Of Man's Compassion
  • Tokyo Matt - I Had A Dream Of You
  • Bufiman - Raising (Gordon Pohl Mix)
  • Daniel Bacalov - Ishii