No Suit Records presents Scaarlet

Scaarlet's second podshow brings up another societal theme: the absurdity of perpetual economic growth. Why are we that far? Why is the society facing so much greed? Is there hope? Can we do things differently? Exploring music in a wide range of bpm, Scaarlet travels into the depth of human emotions. Anger, survival instinct, joy, hope, matching ambient, hip-hop, bass, techno, drum & Bass. A structured expression of life. Inform yourself: "Demain, Le film" "Comment tout peut s'effondrer" Pablo Servigne, Raphael Stevens

  • Stenny - Water Maze
  • Run The Jewels - Angel Duster
  • Anunaku - Temples
  • Scalameriya - Eidolon
  • Torn - Sin
  • Silent Dust - Another Sunlight (Dead Man's Chest Deppled Dub Version)
  • Joy O - Breathe In
  • Bulu - Fiyah
  • Loxy & Resound - Vertigo
  • Zoë Keating - Exurgency (Scaarlet's Killing Zoë Rework)
  • Julia Govor & Barbara Ford - Intenseless
  • Batu - Eraser
  • Anna Morgan - Tectonica
  • A’Bear - You're In There Somewhere
  • Mettani - Lilith - Omar Aloulou Rework