No Suit Records presents Scaarlet - In Search Of Hope

This time, the show is dedicated to present our last release, NoSR X - In Search Of Hope.

The best way to act is simply to act.

As restrictions tightened in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, every club and performance venue was forced to close. Unfortunately many artists, musicians and DJs depend on these spaces to make a living. They have suffered not only losses of income and financial security, but also access to vital and life-giving spaces for self-expression and community. Even more devastating, it’s not yet clear how long these gathering spaces will be closed.

These people make us smile on the dancefloors, they inspire us every day, they are our friends. As a label, we want to express our concern, show solidarity, and support our community with the limited resources we have. So we decided to produce a digital compilation in which each artist would be paid equally for their contribution, with any additional profits being shared equally among them. Alternatively, those who wished to support other artists could offer their track without compensation.

After two months of dedicated work, close collaboration, and some sleepless nights, we’re happy to announce NoSR X - In Search of Hope.

With the hopes of striking a balance between affordability and benefiting the artists, we have priced the compilation at 10€. If you are able to support the artists by paying more, you’re welcome to. Similarly, it is important for us to keep this release accessible, so if 10€ isn’t possible for you, you can use this half price code: HOPE

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who was involved in this project.


Aimée Portioli, except Vibes Vibes Vibes the Reprise (emo guitar mix), master by Russell E.L. Butler


Video for DocSleep’s “Brain Swim” by Waf

Video for Scaarlet’s “We See Things Differently” by Scaarlet


Lou Drago, Luz Diaz, Sarj Lynch


Nono Gigsta

In Solidarity,

The NoSR Crew Support the artists here:

  • Peev - Ad Astra (Per Ardua)
  • SLITE - Blast
  • Johanna Knutsson - Omission
  • rrao - Rakhna
  • juneunit - tr-ee
  • Doc Sleep - Brain Swim
  • Borusiade - Mind Muscle
  • A'Bear - Throw Magic
  • C/Fe - Les Vents
  • Cabasa - Blind Spot
  • BunZer0 - The Good MC Is Gone
  • Muqata'a - Ikhtiraq
  • A-Sim - Music For X Musicians

(And the missing ones: Jasen Loveland as The Lone Flanger - The Shape of Time, Rabih Beaini - Sarkha, Russell E.L. Butler—Vibes Vibes Vibes the Reprise (emo guitar mix), Scaarlet - We See Things Differently, Volatil - Intention)